Pictures – 2018 Award Winners

Outstanding Competitors Claudette Braswell Donald Noland

Stretch Award Helen Hankerson Outstanding Powerlifter

Stretch Award Virgil Enger 300 Game in Bowling

Oldest Competitor and Best in 100-104 Aralnd Meade 103 years

Best of 95-99 Nelda Ollmann Russell Silvers

Best of 90-94 Leon Van Lieshout Joyce Stipanuk (not shown)

Best of Age 85-89 Ethel Lehmann Donald Noland

Best of Age 80-84 Claudette Braswell Bob Brooks (not shown)

Best of Age 75-79 Wenda McCoo Jim Partain

Best of Age 70-74 David Marko Sandy Gill (not shown)

Best of Age 65-69 Michael Johnston Betty Jean McClirk

Best of Age 60-4 Thomas Kling Gail Noland

Best of Age 55-59 Kim Marko Slav Oulianov

Best of Age 50-54
Jeff Slaten
Janet Lamoureux

Outstanding Volunteers Ron & Lois Shultz Pat Bazley

Most Represented Senior Community 1-200 Lots Oak Hammock, Bartow

Most Represented Senior Community 201+ Lots Highland Fairways, Lakeland

Outstanding Event Managers Judd and Darcy Martin (Darcy not shown), Racquetball Jennifer Nanek (not shown, Basketball Shooting