Creating Unforgettable Senior Moments

FEBRUARY 26 – MARCH 12, 2022

The GREAT NEWS is that there will be a 2022 Polk Senior Games! But they will look very different… here is the plan. We are streamlining the games this year for us all to have a safe experience. We will only offer the outside events.

Entry booklets will be mailed by USPS the first week of January. Send your name and address by email polkseniorgames50@gmail or call 863-533-0055 to be added to the mailing list. Entry information and entry forms to be printed will also be on the website at that time.

The following protocols, guided by the Polk County Health Department and CDC guidelines, must be followed by all participants, spectators, volunteers, and staff attending the events. These policies and procedures are subject to change based on organizational needs and health guidelines.

    –  Social distancing of 6 feet will be required.

    –  A well-fitted mask over the nose and mouth will be at check-in and anytime social distancing is not possible. Bring your own mask. Some will be available.

    –  Hand sanitizer will be available. Encourage use of hand sanitizer after sharing equipment. You may want to bring your own.

    –  Only bottled water will be provided. You may want to bring your own  snacks and drinks.

    –  Bring your own equipment and gear if possible.

    –  Seating is sometimes limited. Bring a lawn chair for better distancing.

    –  Medals will still be given at the events but presentations may be different.

    –  In the event of a lightning delay, exit the facility and socially distance in a safe shelter or vehicle.

    –  Do not attend events if you are sick, covid positive, have symptoms of covid or told to isolate or quarantine.





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