Schedule of Events

2019 Polk Senior Games Schedule  

REVISED 4/10/2018 subject to change

Saturday, February 23
8:00 AM   Softball, Southwest or Westside Complex
9:00 AM   Powerlifting, Debs Gym, Lakeland
9:00 AM   Opening Ceremony, All Saints Academy
9:20 AM   Track, All Saints Academy, Winter Haven
1:30 PM   Dancing, Schalamar Creek Clubhouse

Sunday, February 24
8:00 AM   Softball, if needed
2:00 PM   Senior Smarts, T-B-A Church, Lakeland

Monday, February 25
8:00 AM   Tennis Singles, Beerman Tennis Center
9:00 AM   Putt & Chip, Men, Highland Fairways, Lakeland
9:00 AM   Shuffleboard, Men’s Singles, Lake Parker
1:00 PM   Putt & Chip, Women, Highland Fairways
1:00 PM   Sudoku, Schalamar Creek Clubhouse, Lakeland

Tuesday, February 26
8:00 AM   Tennis Doubles, Beerman Tennis Center
8:00 AM   Mixed Doubles Golf, Schalamar Creek
9:00 AM   Shuffleboard, Women’s Singles
9:00 AM   Horseshoes, Rotary Park, Winter Haven
2:00 PM   Checkers, Spring Haven Retirement

Wednesday, February 27
8:00 AM   Tennis, Beerman Family Tennis Center
8:30 AM   Cribbage Doubles, Auburndale Civic
9:00 AM   Basketball Shooting, Kirkland Gym, L W
9:00 AM   Shuffleboard, Doubles, Lake Parker P
1:00 PM   Trap Shooting, Lakeland Rifle and Pistol
1:00 PM   Cribbage Singles, Auburndale Civic

Thursday, February 28
8:00 AM   Tennis Mixed Doubles, Beerman Center
8:30 AM   Fishing, Tenoroc Fish Management Area
9:00 AM   Lawn Bowling, Lake Parker Park, Lakeland
1:00 PM   Punt, Pass and Kick, Bartow High School
1:00 PM   Rifle Shooting, Lakeland Rifle and Pistol

Friday, March 1
8:00 AM   Tennis, Beerman Family Tennis Center,
9:00 AM   Bocce, 50-64, 75+, Carefree Country Club, WH
1:00 PM   Bocce, 65-74, Carefree Country Club, W Haven
1:00 PM   Bridge, Sanlan Ranch RV Park

Saturday, March 2
9:00 AM   Field Events, Bartow High School
9:00 AM   Basketball 3 on 3, Simpson Park
1:00 PM   Swimming, Lakeland Family YMCA
1:00 PM   Chess, Estates At Carpenters, Lakeland

Sunday, March 3
9:00 AM   Swimming, Lakeland Family YMCA
2:00 PM   Euchre, Bartow Civic Center

Monday, March 4
9:00 AM   Table Tennis, Haines City Community
9:00 AM   Billiards 8 Ball, Men ages 60-79, Wally’s Billiards
1:00 PM   Pepper, Sanlan RV Park, Lakeland
2:00 PM   Billiards 8 Ball, All Women, Men 50-59 and 80+

Tuesday, March 5
8:30 AM   Pickleball Doubles, Solivita, Poinciana
9:00 AM   Billiards 9 Ball, Men ages 60-79, Wally’s Billiards
9:00 AM   Bag Toss (Cornhole), Kelly Recreation Center
1:00 PM   Billiards 9 Ball, All Women, Men 50-59 and 80+
1:00 PM   Team Bowling, Orange Bowl Lanes, Lakeland

Wednesday, March 6
8:30 AM   Pickleball Mixed Doubles, Solivita
9:00 AM   Pistol Shooting, Shoot Straight Lakeland
9:00 AM   Bowling, Women Singles, Orange Bowl Lanes, Lakeland
1:00 PM   Bowling Men Singles, Orange Bowl Lanes, Lakeland
1:00 PM   Skeet Shooting, Lakeland Rifle & Pistol Club

Thursday, March 7
8:00 AM   Golf Singles, Schalamar Creek
9:00 AM   Bowling, Men Doubles, Orange Bowl Lanes, Lakeland
9:00 AM   Racquetball, Lakeland Family YMCA
10:00 AM Fly Cast, Andy Thornal, Winter Haven
1:00 PM   Bowling, Women Doubles, Orange Bowl Lanes, Lakeland

Friday, March 8
9:00 AM   Bowling, Mixed Doubles, Orange Bowl Lanes, Lakeland
9:00 AM   Scrabble, Mulberry Civic Center
1:30 PM   Darts, Medulla Baptist Church

Saturday, March 9
8:30 AM   Road Race 5K, Bartow High School
9:00 AM   Archery, Central Florida Archers, Ft Meade
10:00 AM  Walking 5000 M, Bartow High School
11:30 AM Walking 1500 M, Bartow High School

Sunday, March 10

Monday, March 11
12:30 PM Health Fair, Youkey Theatre Lobby
2:00 PM   Closing Celebration, Youkey Theatre