Deena Wilbur EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Deena Wilbur has worked for Polk Senior Games since 1993. In 2016, Deena received the Polk County All Sports “Bernie Little Sports Executive of the Year” Award.

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors whose volunteer members are community and business leaders, recreation professionals, competitors and interested citizens. Most board directors are seniors and have a variety of lifetime experiences and abilities. They value their commitment to the success of the Games.

Ron Shultz, President
Frank Collins, 1st Vice President
Duane Hopkins, 2nd Vice President
Beverly Mitchell, Secretary
Jean Eissman, Treasurer
Grace Page, Event Coordinator
Larry Powell, Past President
Kathy Benn, Member at Large
Steve Miller, Member at Large
Jim Barry
Pat Bazley
Theresa Bright – Publix Super Markets
B J (Bernadette) Brock
Frank Brooks
Mary Brooks
Greg Chambless – Publix Super Markets
Dick Cheney
Marnee Cobb
Sandy Collins
J J Corbett
Cheryl Dee
Joe Emory
Carol Gandolfo
Helen Grieshaber
Bob Harley
Stevan Hill
Sandy Jones
Jule Mackenzie
Olga Mellock
Rich Mellock
Dee Oeters
Larry Powell
Lois Shultz
Chris Sikes – James W. Sikes Family
Susan Smith – CPS Investment Advisors
Larry Smucker
Trish Stark
Katherine Straw
Nancye Thornberry
Howard Wiggs
Michael A. Riskin, CPA – CPS Investment Advisors
Darby Law Group